Most services start at $27/hour for new families.

Part-time Nanny

Special Events

It's party time! Let me entertain the kids while the adults have fun, or hire me to help with your little one's own celebration. I am an experienced group childcare provider. Depending on the exact make-up of the group (number of children, ages, special needs, etc.), I can help you find one or more co-caregivers, if necessary.

Date Nights

Many children feel particularly vulnerable around bedtime, especially when with an unfamiliar caregiver. I will provide a comforting experience by closely following the child's normal routine—while also bringing the surprise of a few new books and bedtime songs! I am up-to-date on the American Academy of Pediatrics's safe-sleep recommendations for infants and have experience with various sleep approaches. Enjoy a night out and know that your little ones are cared for and safe.

Transitional Childcare

If your family is experiencing a temporary setback or crisis, I will provide up to four hours of childcare for a flat rate of $35 so that a parent or guardian can attend a job interview, counseling session, court hearing, or doctor's appointment (subject to availability). When you get in touch, please indicate that you are interested in this type of service.


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